Lessons learnt-Food

Sweet sweet sweet ergh!I had too many treats and not enough tasteless food for my moments of feeling sick. Sure the sausage rolls,pink wafers, cheddars and croissants were great but when I was feeling rough I could not force these rich foods down. Instead I had some Weight Watchers biscuits(OK so probably not the calories I needed but it was better than nothing). I managed to nibble at these and wash them down with glugs of water. So I didn’t end up craving what I thought I would and if I did this again I would pack some cream crackers or something dry just to settle my tummy.

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1 Response to Lessons learnt-Food

  1. Lorraine Rate says:

    This is how we all learn. This was a first for me and although I did manage to eat one pot noodle (Yuk), the rest of the time, I had jelly beans, lollies, small handles of special K, two bananas that I ate in intervals, half here and there, and handfuls of mixed nuts/fruits. The dried fruits/nuts I think made me extremely ‘windy’ and gave me a tummy upset. Oh, and chocolate minstrels, about 6 every now and then for energy. So I was pleased with what I chose albeit I think I will give the dried fruit a miss next time. We live and learn eh. What works for one, doesnt for another. Maybe the pastry sat heavy on your tummy. Looks like your gonna have to do another long challenge to try something different out.

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