This year so far…

My last blog was after the Weymouth weekend in July.  Since then I have swum another Channel Relay(4 of us from Croydon Amphibians Swimming club) in a time of 11hrs 37 m. I also raced Lake Windermere at the beginning of September. I had retired from the race two years ago due to lack of acclimatisation and general training. This year the weather was once again awful- the water was probably the best place to be! I knew I was fit although I hadn’t done any long swims during the season. I set out at a quite a pace, getting myself into 4th position with just one girl ahead of me. I stayed in this position for 4hrs and 47 minutes, getting into the finish absolutely knackered! I was happy about my time but ecstatic that I hadn’t got cold and in actual fact my crew was colder than I was, having to go back to the hotel for a hot shower whilst I sat in the cafe with my hot chocolate and marshmallows! watching other finishers!
The weekend after Windermere and after a few glasses of wine, I thought it would be an excellent idea to take a vacant place in a 10km race at Bray lake the next morning. I decided to wear a wetsuit- I would go faster in one which meant I could get out quicker!I had a worrying few minutes when I thought that the extra few pounds I had gained for Windermere weren’t going to fit into my XS 2XU wetsuit! Wetsuit finally on and off we went for 4 big laps followed by 2 small laps. I got tired pretty quickly but kept plodding away. I wasn’t particularly hydrated(pre race preparation of Rioja perhaps?) so kept stopping at the aid stations for liquid gels. With one and a half small laps to go I got cramp. Not just a twinge, full on scream out loud stop swimming and grab your calf cramp. ouch ouch ouch ouch. I took some deep breaths and massaged my leg. I managed to get going again finishing in just over 2 and a half hours in …..drumroll……first place! What a surprise and what a great end to the season……..


1x 24 hour swim
3x 10km swims
2x Channel Relays
1 x Lake Windermere
and many more races…..Phew, bring on the winter training!

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